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I'm from Canada. I love anime, fantasy, drawing, writing, reading, rping, music, eating, sleeping, daydreaming... wait, could that be considered sleeping too? 8D I'm always doodling something on paper, adobe, and anywhere else online I can doodle on. especially msn convo boxes. If I didn't draw / doodle I do believe I'd go insane. I am quite random and goofy. I love to make people smile =3 Running this =3 *dork* Ask Edward

Doodles during a semi Rp session with Zash last night <3 Little Haeli! she is four. She is Bats and Supes daughter. Created with their DNA by Lex and they found her, blah de blah XD *to lazy to explain* 

Zash mentioned Haeli going to where the Avengers are. So crack commenced. Thor and Hulk are like big kids XD Haeli is lifting the Hulk who is giggling and Thor is cheering her on.

Enjoy my msn doodles~

Thought I’d add something cute after my last post :3

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    We had such fun last night with these!! Haeli is just too adorable!! Did I ever post her little ficlet online, you...
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